I was buying a case for a Raspberry Pi, and I noticed C4LABS had a version of their zebra case for the Adafruit Metro Mini (http://c4labs.net/products/zebra-byt...ry-pi-b-and-2b). The Metro Mini is like the Teensy in that it uses the 0.6" DIP format, so I figured, what the heck, try it for the Teensy.

It didn't quite fit, because even though both processors have pins in the same place, the Adafruit PCB is somewhat longer than the Teensy, since the Adafruit board incorporates 4 mounting holes. In addition, the corners are rounded. As a consequence, while the Teensy can fit into such a case, the USB connector is far enough back, that I am not able to connect a standard cable. I probably could take a rotary tool like a dremel to square off the inside connection and/or widen the USB slot for a normal USB cable. In addition the placement of the reset button is different in the Teensy due to the back row of 5 pins.