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Thread: Teensy3 to Nintendo Entertainment System

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    Teensy3 to Nintendo Entertainment System

    This one is relatively simple, but its my first micro-controller project and it left me feeling like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wrote two pieces of software, first is on the Teensy itself, all it needs to do is listen for the signal from the NES and then set the data line low or high appropriately for each button.

    The other piece is on the computer to act as a translator for the HID device, it sends a packed byte each time the input changes over serial to the Teensy. Once the Teensy gets USB-Host support I hope to be able to cut out the need for the computer at all.

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    I posted this on the Teensy Projects page. Hope that's ok?

    Would you like your name to appear differently, maybe with a link to something like your contact on twitter, facebook, etc?

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