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Thread: embedXcode: Teensy 3.0 on Xcode

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    Thank you for reporting the issue. I was able to replicate it and fix it.

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    Please find a new release of embedXcode.

    • embedXcode Jan 22, 2018 release 9.0.7 Updated support for Teensy boards


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    On the embedXcode website, I see "PJRC Teensy boards with Freescale ARM Cortex-M4 MK20". Does that mean that there is no support for the newer Teensys, 3.5, 3.6 and LC? I'd like to give embedXcode a try, but if it's limited to the T3.2, it's rather useless for me.

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    All Teensy 3.x boards are supported.

    The front page needs to be refreshed; thank you for noticing me.

    The full list of tested boards is available at What Has Been Tested.

    Enjoy embedXcode!

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    The embedXcode User Manual is now available as a dedicated website.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Please find a new major release of embedXcode.

    • embedXcode • 25 Sep 2018 release 10.0.6 • Added IDE path to board configuration files
    • embedXcode+ • 25 Sep 2018 release 10.0.6 • Added IDE path to board configuration files

    embedXcode now supports Xcode 10 on macOS 10.14 Mojave.


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    Release 10.2.3 updates support for Xcode 10.1 and macOS 10.14.1.


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    Confused about this...

    Installed both IDE's, EmbedX shows as a template inside Xcode. Upon creating a new project, the 'resources' folder is RED. I build using ALL > My Mac, it builds successfully however all the text is gray and there is no code sense.

    I test with a simple blink code, upload and it works, however no sign of code sense and the text is still gray.

    I create a new header file, and all the colors and code sense works there.... just not in the .ino file (which is not the typical Arduino green ino file, its just a plain C++ file)

    What am I missing?
    Please help

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    The project needs to be built one time in order to feature code-sense.

    Please refer to the user manual at Prepare the project

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    I conducted some building and linking tests against the Teensy 4.0 with embedXcode and all went successful.

    I hope to get one board soon to finalise the uploading and running tests.

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    I managed to get a Teensy 4.0 board and proceeded with more tests. Uploading and running work fine, and very fast!

    So soon-to-be-released version 11 of embedXcode supports Teensy 4.0.

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