Greetings all,

Please forgive me if I've missed something obvious, but I'm having some trouble understanding which peripherals are present in the specific chip used in Teensy3 and what pins they can connect to. The datasheet covers several chips, and they don't all have the same peripherals instantiated. While there are tables, etc., documenting the chip/chip differences re memory, I haven't found anything similar in the datasheet clearly detailing the chip/chip differences in peripherals. I'd like to know which peripherals we have on our K20 chip (and also which are available on other K20 parts.) Is there some companion document or documents with this sort of info?

Here's are two examples to clarify what sort of info I'd like to find:

(1) In section 31.2.3, the datasheet states:

In some packages, VREFH is connected in the package to VDDA and VREFL to VSSA.
OK, but are they connected that way in our chip, or not? (If I had a bare chip and very steady hands, I could ohm it out.) Is info about this sort of chip/chip difference re peripherals absent from the datasheet, or have I missed something?

(2) Section 32.3 describes a 6-bit DAC and some related signals, e.g. DACEN. However, I cannot find "DAC" or "DAC*" in the pinout table (in sect. 10.3.2, p.193 or in the package diagrams like Fig. 10.2 on p. 197), not only for the 64 pin package (as is our chip), but not for **any** K20 chip or package! So, is the DAC feature present in any of the chips this datasheet covers? If so, how can we tell? I'd expect DAC, DAC*, D2A or D2A* to appear somewhere in the pinout table for at least on of the chips this datasheet covers. However, searching the pinout section for any of those strings finds nothing in the pinout section at all. So, does the DAC appear in any of these chips? If so, which one(s)? That's the sort of information I'd like to find.

If any of you reading knows where this sort of chip to chip differences re peripherals is documented, please post here.