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Thread: Serial.write(0x00) problem on teensy 3.0

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    Question Serial.write(0x00) problem on teensy 3.0

    Hi, i don't know if this is "expected" but writing 0x00 directly to Serial.write results in compiler error "error: call of overloaded 'write(int)' is ambiguous
    I should note that this works on arduino without a problem.

    Of course this can be fixed by simply casting a type Serial.write((uint8_t) 0x00);
    But you must agree that's a really "ugly" approach.

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    Opps. I should have known better, since I was the one who submitted this fix for Arduino....

    Here's an updated usb_serial.h. Copy to hardware/teensy/cores/teensy3. This will be in version 1.13.
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    thx Paul, i will be looking for the 1.13 relase =)

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