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Thread: USB Raw HID, Version 1.1

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    USB Raw HID, Version 1.1

    I have a project prototype running on a Teensy 2 board using Arduino. I am setting the Teensy to be a USB Raw HID and am only using 2 outputs as PWM's. Anyway I want to work toward a possible production product and want to use a ATTiny85. My question is: will I only need the code that I downloaded from along with my Arduino sketch to get this to work. I know it's a broad question but before I head down that road I just wanted to know if there is something specifically "teensy" about it? This is what I was planning on using as a starting point for the ATTiny85 dev. It uses a library for the USB stuff from

    I'm sure I will have more questions once I get started but I was hoping I will get a few replies that will tell me that all I need is the code that Paul has provided.

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