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Thread: I have a Teensy 2.0, and an idea for what I want to do in MIDI.

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    I have a Teensy 2.0, and an idea for what I want to do in MIDI.

    Hi there, I've recently recieved a Teensy2.0++, and want to do some basic/cool USB MIDI stuff with it. Most of my electrical/technical experience so far is just cannibalising pc gamepads and rewiring them up, and creating an analogue rgb dimmer.

    I've never coded before, but I've found all these guides on the net on how to connect buttons/faders/led etc but although I get the gist of it, I really don't understand how I'm supposed to combine these and correct syntax or method of deciding what to write/do and when in the code.

    I've got some 10k linear pots and faders, and a tonne of microswitches (hundreds are and basically wanted to fill every pin on the board for as many controls as possible.

    Please could you recommend a decent book which covers the basics/concepts of programming this thing?

    EDIT: not sure how i managed to post this in suggestions and bug reports, sorry! if a mod could move to wherever it should be that'd be great cheers.
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    Teensy is great for midi as it is recognized directly as a midi device without any additional hardware. Some inspiration here. Most of these are ardruino based, so the sketches can be simplfied.

    Another cool project
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    Adafruit has a bunch of really useful tutorials. They are not teensy-centered per se but they are pretty easily adapted. For instance: digital in, multiple button debounce, analog input.

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