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Thread: Having trouble with OctoWS2811...

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    Having trouble with OctoWS2811...

    Hello all,

    I've been watching this forum for awhile waiting for a Teensy 3.0 WS2811 library and now that we have one, I am having difficulties getting started.

    I have upgraded to the Beta12 of Teensyduino and I can not compile the code. This is from using the rainbow example sketch.

    Rainbow.ino:45:1: error: 'DMAMEM' does not name a type
    Rainbow.ino:50:31: error: 'displayMemory' was not declared in this scope
    Why am I having this compiling error?

    Thanks for any help!
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    Its working for me, but I'm using the full (non Beta) release of Teensyduino V1.12 available here:

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    Well, that was it... I downloaded a fresh copy of Arduino 1.0.3 and a fresh copy of Teensyduino from your link and now it's compiling.


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