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Thread: Motion tracking using Teensy 3.0

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    Motion tracking using Teensy 3.0

    There seems to be a general consensus that the AVR chip is not fast enough to do Motion tracking via a video feed. I wonder if teensy 3.0 with the arm processor would be up to the task? I envision something like analyzing a video feed and look for changes at at least VGA resolution and 15 fps.

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    The Teensy 3.0 does not have enough memory to hold a single frame from the video feed, and you generally need at least two frames to do tracking. A full frame of VGA is a little over 1 megabyte of memory for full color support (800x600x3), and 6 megabytes for 1080p (1920x1080x3). The Teensy 3.0 only has 16 kilobytes of ram available.

    Note, if you reduce the frame size to something much smaller, you can probably do it.

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    I wasn't thinking. I would need to keep my runtime memory need and 2 frames within 16kb. thats going to be a pretty small image.

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    Something like a Raspberry Pi would probably work better for this kind of application.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBeale View Post
    Something like a Raspberry Pi would probably work better for this kind of application.
    after a little research it seems like Processing ( is the way to go. It is very simple and there are libraries for OpenCV and Arduino integration. They are working on getting it running on the Pi, but are struggling. maybe when the CSI camera is coming out it will be better. nevertheless as the source code is portable I can use my windows laptop for now and then convert to the Pi if feasible.

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