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All, I've uploaded a new version of the library (v6) which has the following changes:

  • It now includes Teensy 3.1 support, including the 2nd I2C interface (I2C1) which works the same as Wire but is called Wire1.
  • The Wire1 interface can be configured to use pins 29/30 or pins 26/31. Unfortunately both sets of these are on the backside surface mount pads. Refer to the top post and code examples for information on setup.
  • Added a new header define to allow the library to be compiled as a single interface (I2C0-only) for cases where code/ram space is tight.
  • Also added some interrupt "flag" defines, which when set will toggle pins high when the I2C interrupts occur. This can be useful as a logic-analyzer trigger, or in determining interrupt timing.
  • Added two new examples, specifically for Teensy 3.1: quad_master and dual_bus_master_slave.
Great work on this library! I have created a slightly renamed version of it, called FastWire (from a suggestion somebody else made). The naming is the only difference. Everything else is as you wrote it so far. I hope to try it out soon.

Have you considered getting a GitHub.com or Bitbucket.org account and using source control for your stuff?