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Thread: Wiring Teensy 3.0 to color SPI oled with SD card

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    Wiring Teensy 3.0 to color SPI oled with SD card


    Im kind of new to teensy, and I purchased a teensy 3.0 to have some more memory and cpu than arduino nano.

    However Im stucked in the wiring of the display.

    The display Im using is this

    Its using SSD1351 as IC driver.

    Im also using Teensyduino and trying to get the supplied example code to work with Teensyduino.

    Anyone having suggestions on how to make the wiring to Teensy?

    SPI Port
    VCC (5V) = Ok
    GND = Ok
    REST = ?
    SCL = ?
    SDA = ?
    CS = ?
    DC = ?

    Micro-SD Port
    MISO = ?
    SCLK = ?
    MOSI = ?
    CS = ?

    Best regards.

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    You should have got a printed card showing the Tensy 3. pinout, but if you have misplaced it, there is also an online version.

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