[Quick intro, as I'm new to Teensy + this forum: I'm Bongo, and I have been making digital musical instruments for a few years. I have recently been working on combining this with addressable LED strips.]

I am working on a project which may end up driving 1024 or more addressable RGB LEDs. I have already invested in 10s of meters of LPD8806 strip, and I am wondering if anything like the awesome OctoWS2811 library exists for the LPD8806 strips, i.e., using 8 Teensy pins to push updates to 8 strips at once using DMA? I am trying to both update my pixels as quickly as possible, and off load this so I can make the most of my Teensy 3 cpu's while the pixel update is happening. And it would be great if multiple Teensy's could be interconnected with a sync wire so multiples of 8 strips could be updated at the same time.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/help.

Amherst, MA, USA