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Thread: How to compile in Sublime Text 2 using makefile. Teensy 3

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    How to compile in Sublime Text 2 using makefile. Teensy 3

    I've got teensyduino up and running without problem with my Teensy 3. Since I've become very fond of the editor sublime text 2 i'd like to compile outside teensyduino using a makefile.
    Has anyone tried this and made it work. I'm struggling with the makefile and am a bit lost actually. Grateful for help and suggestions!


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    The easiest way, but not the most graceful, is in Arduino's File > Preference menu. Select "use external editor". You'll see the Arduino editor becomes gray and can't be edited anymore. But you can still click Verify and Upload. When Arduino is in this mode, it actually reads the files.

    So just edit the files with Sublime Text, save, then click Upload in the Arduino window (which you'll probably make small, since you only need the toolbar and the console to see any errors).

    Maybe there's some way for it to run the makefile? I do not know, since I've never used that particular editor.

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    Perfect! Works like a charm.

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