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Thread: Serial stopped working

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    Serial stopped working

    I'm on Win7 x32.
    I have a simple Teensyduino sketch loaded that sends text to the serial port. I have the USB Mode as USB Serial.
    Serial used to work perfectly, both with Serial Monitor and term emulator.
    Now neither work.
    I've reinstalled the serial driver, no luck.

    The device do es appear as a COM port in Device Manager, so that part is working.
    I just can't tx/rx serial data to/from the device.

    When I use another PC, it works - the Teensy's serial data is received/displayed as expected.
    So there's definitely something amiss on this (my main) dev PC

    Any ideas?
    Could something have hosed my usbser.sys?

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    Anything is possible on Windows.

    The Windows driver has a bug where it can corrupt registers info if the device disconnects at certain times. Teensyduino tries to avoid the when you click Upload, but it has no control over the timing if you press the button on Teensy. If this happens, usually the driver will recover by some combination of rebooting, plugging into other ports, or just trying the upload again.

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