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Thread: DIY capacitive keypad

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    Question DIY capacitive keypad

    Hello everybody,

    I often play PC flash games that requires intensive mashing of 3 or 4 keys. Those games generally end after 10 minutes, only because my fingers and wrist hurt too much.
    So, I started thinking about making a capacitive keypad that would allow me to go easy on my fingers. All I would have to do is to touch the keys softly, as I would do on an iPhone.

    What I need that keypad to do/have:
    - have 4 keys that would be mapped as 1, 2, 3 and SHIFT key
    - detect multiple press, also detect the Shift key holding

    Just to be honest, my electronics knowledge are about highschool-level (the only stuffs I made by myself recently are some arcade sticks for fighting games..) so please bare with my noobness

    Anyway, after reading and googling a lot, I think I'll go the following way to build what I need:

    Capacitive keypad PCB > Teensy 2.0 > USB > PC

    As for the capacitive shield, I have found this:

    My questions is: what do you think about this? Will it work?

    Any feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    You probably want Teensy 3.0 for this. It is a touchRead() function, which you use just like analogRead().

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    Thanks a lot, I'm ordering that then

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