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Thread: Remote programming of Teensy 2.0 via XBee. Best method?

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    Remote programming of Teensy 2.0 via XBee. Best method?

    I am designing a home-control system using the Teensy 2.0, and I would like to include an XBee radio (probably Series 2) in some of the modules so that I can re-program with the Arduino IDE using a wireless connection over XBee.

    I have seen this done with the Arduino UNO, but the USB interface is on a dedicated chip, unlike the Teensy.

    Is it possible to remotely place the Teensy into Program Mode, (perhaps by toggling a handshake signal from the Xbee) so that it can be recognized by the Arduino IDE? Some modules will be installed in hard-to-reach places, so it would be nice to have that ability.

    If this can be done, would you please outline the steps necessary, especially hardware connections between the XBee and Teensy. Please also let me know if you have actually built and tested any proposed solutions.

    Many thanks!

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    Teensy can only be reprogrammed by the USB port, so there's no reasonable way to do this using only an XBee which is based on serial.

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    Hello, I am doing a project using a mesh of xBee Serie2 and having Teensy++ 2.0 controller. This one will be located in a "not easy" accessible box. So I am quite interested in the wireless upgrade/maintenance of the code possibilities.

    Quite sometimes ago I found this article :
    that looks worth to check. I am not yet at this stage, but I sure will give it a try in the future. Let me know your findings.

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