Hello! I am a new member to this forum and have specifically joined because I have yet to find a valid solution to my particular problem. Information in full detail as to what I want to do in particular can be found here:

To sum up the details, I intend to use Teensy++ to replace the PCB of a PS1 SCPH-1110. I am hoping that I will not only be able to use both included joysticks separately (as well as add buttons from another gamepad), but also be able to change the sticks from "RELATIVE" to "ABSOLUTE" (I don't want the cursor to continue moving while the joystick is not. I want the cursor to return to center if I return the stick to center. Basically, the sticks should function somewhat like a mouse or a trackball mouse, NOT like a thumbstick on a gamepad). While I imagine that requires some hardward modding, I am here for the soft-side.

I have downloaded and installed:
Teensy Loader
Atmel FLIP
and GenericHID
I have in possession:
An Asus G60Jx (Laptop) running Windows 7 64-Bit
a mini USB cable
A Teensy++ With pins
A breadboard

The Teensy loader recognizes the Teensy++ without issue.
The Atmel FLIP application, after selecting AT90USB1286 and choosing "USB" from "Select a communication medium" I get a window that reads "USB Port Connection" with "Open", "Close" (greyed out), and "Cancel" as choices. I choose open and get an error that reads "Could not open USB Device" It does this for any of the four ports I connect to. Teensy seems to install fine for each port, but the only thing that sees it is Teensy Loader.

GenericHID runs no problem. After I put the board on it and some controllers, I go to Program, and the three dots are red instead of green (USB Device Located, HID Device Mode, Bootloader Mode). Basically, FLIP and GenericHID are having trouble recognizing my Teensy, but Teensy Loader interacts fine.
How do I get FLIP and GenericHID to recognize my Teensy++?