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Thread: Official Distributors

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    Quote Originally Posted by defragster View Post
    Did it come with a 'Welcome to Teensy 4.0' Card? The T_4.0 in hand should 'nearly' match the image on that card.
    Yes it has the card and nice little anti static bag.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulStoffregen View Post
    Sports Internet Solutions is on the list of official distributors (they buy in bulk from PJRC), so it should be a genuine Teensy.
    Okay, good to know.

    Love this board so far! Nice upgrade!

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    Hello I would like to make a bulk order and be an official reseller. How should I proceed to get in contact with Paul and or Robin ?

    Thank you.

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    @Mike118 - You need to email us directly. In your email, don't forget to tell us about your company. We will not approve you as a distributor if you don't give us a clear picture of your company.

    If you are just starting out or your company is new or very small, you'll probably have a better experience buying from Sparkfun. They have a reseller program where you can aggregate your order with the many other products they sell.

    We don't do anything like that, so buying direct from PJRC only makes sense if your company is well established. If you're new to this, start with Sparkfun so you can get a small quantity of a wider variety of products.

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