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Thread: Noob question

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    Noob question

    When I attach the teensy to my computer and download code it runs fine. When I remove power and then hook it up again the flashed program is not restarting. Is there a procedure to get the teensy3 to reboot the flashed code that I missed somewhere? I'm sure everyone knows the answer, I have not been able to figure it out.

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    The teensy always runs the flashed program when it is started regardless of whether it is connected to USB. Is it possible that you're doing something which is requiring USB? You didn't say which teensy you're using, but I had some programs for the teensy 3 that did something like:

    while(!usb_configuration) {
    digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
    And these would fail to light up when only connected, for instance to a charger, and not to a real USB device.

    Try loading a simple "blink" program and see that it does work when not connected to USB.

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    Please help us to help you by reading this post.

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    Thanks. That actually helped a lot. I've been playing with an Adafruit TFT touch screen display, running several different programs on it. The problem goes away when I remove the wire I installed between the teensy3 "reset" line next to pin 13 and the LCD control Reset line, wiring the TFT reset instead to pin 13 on the teensy3. see:
    I had done so little with the teensy3 that I mistook the nature of the issue. I think another poster in the forum link said what I did worked for him and it does in the circumstance of downloading. The Adafruit info seems to say that one digital pin can be saved by using reset, their software skips tickling the reset signal if the specified pin is D0.

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