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Thread: Low Power "Green" Battery Operation Solutions For The Teensy 3.

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    Hi Froeber,
    The Teensy3 is fantastic for a production article, and the support to make it work with the Arduino IDE, and the libs like Duff are doing - all based on the amazing infrastructure by Paul.
    I also really appreciate your posting for alerting me again to the difficulty of low power, and its a project assumption for me to get there.
    I'm getting a FRDM-MK20D to prototype the low power, as well as using the Teensy3.1. My target board can't use the Teensy3.1 - though it would have been really nice if it had worked for what I wanted it to and I could have used it straight away.

    However, there are tradeoff's made in designing something - and sometimes its recognizing them. Teensy3 is evolving and Paul has been hinting online he is coming up with a new product - so maybe it will be informed by this discussion. Also OpenSDA is slowly evolving/pioneering, a simple concept and Freescale is using a tiny MK20 hw to implement it OpenHwSDA, and letting Segger do the software - so its not Open(sw)SDA - and Segger commercially restrict its use in production. is using another open source paradigm to intergrate OpenSDA methods into an IDE, though just for the STM32 line of processors so far.
    Eclipse for Freescale is becoming more stable and integrates with OpenSDA SWD/JTAG. So lots happening and the Open Source movement is really making a lot of tools accessible. Thank you to the tools guys for doing that

    The whole thing about LOW POWER in the uW is it takes system design and effort. If the cost of the external power source is minimal (ie USB) or externalized to the customer, then its not worth the software (and hardware) effort.
    The hierarchy of power sources I'm seeing is - "free" as in USB or wall wart, largeSolarPanels(10W)+12VSLA, Solar(1W)+LiXxxStorage, DDD-->AAA ReplaceableBattery, low power Harvesting+SuperCap

    LOW POWER also requires a programming paradigm shift to event based programming and that appears a bit specialist in the Arduino community.
    Eric Styger from my reading is a Professor at Lucerne Univ, and also has some sort Freescale recognition with an employee#. Wonderful that Freescale are encouraging that type of support and Eric as Lecturer is publishing simple approaches.
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