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Thread: Custom Teensy 3.0 Board

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    Custom Teensy 3.0 Board

    Hi guys,

    I am in the process of making my own teensy 3 pcb design. I noticed 2 dual schottky diodes in the schematic. Are there any specific part numbers for it so that I won't buy the wrong one?


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    For your own board design, I would highly recommend considering which diodes are best for your particular application, or if you even need the diodes at all? If you're not using a battery to maintain the RTC, there's no point in using the diodes for VBAT. You can connect VBAT directly to VCC. Likewise, you only need the diode in series with the regulator input if you want to protect against someone accidentally applying power in reverse polarity.

    But if you want to use exactly the same diode as Teensy3, the part we put on the part is PMEG4010CPA.

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    Great info. Thanks Paul!

    On a side note, I posted the same question in another thread, what about the ferrite inductors? How to I go about choosing them? Are their positions critical (as in they need to be close to certain components)?

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    I believe the inductors are 600 ohm at 100 MHz.

    Like everything else, what matters for your own design can vary quite a lot. If you don't need high resolution from the A/D, you could probably just eliminate the inductors completely.

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    Thanks! Looks like I can do without the diodes and ferrite inductors. Hopefully I can get a custom board to work. Will provide my feedback here again when I get the pcb and parts.

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