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Thread: Teensy 2 loader doesn't seem to work os X 10.7.5

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    Teensy 2 loader doesn't seem to work os X 10.7.5

    I've installed teensyduino and the teensy loader, but I can't seem to get the board to load up anything.

    The loader just shows me the "push reset button" message, and the manual reboot and load buttons are always greyed out.

    Teensyduino is giving me the message "Please press the RESET BUTTON on your Teensy to upload your sketch. Auto-reboot only works if the Teensy is running a previous sketch.". I've tried unplugging, holding down the reset button and plugging in again, but no luck. If I hold the reset button , unplug and then plug it in I get an orange blinking LED, but as soon as I press the reset button or try to upload something the LED stops and nothing happens.

    here's what the teensy loader looks like: Click image for larger version. 

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    Is this board borked?

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    There is a thread already to collect Mac releded problems.
    Please continue the discussion there.

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    If you're using Teensy 3.0, you need Teensy Loader 1.0.7, from Teensyduino. Version 1.0.6 does not support Teensy3.

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