I would like to connect a Thinkpad T60 keyboard with Trackpoint to USB and I'm considering using a Teensy++ for this project. As for some information:
- I have never used a Teensy before but I have had experience with the Arduino and some basic MSP430 programming
- The keyboard has 44 pins with 24 pins dedicated to the keyboard matrix, 2 pins for the hotkey and about 5 pins for the trackpoint. So far, I have decoded the keyboard matrix and got the hotkey working with an Arduino Mega.
- The trackpoint (mouse) is already outputing PS/2 signals. Link for more info: http://blogs.epfl.ch/document/3778
- I have basic electrical and electronics knowledge, and I can program in C.
- I want to be able to configure the TrackPoint using proprietary PS/2 commands directly from the Arduino, on certain key combinations. For example: FN+F2 = increase sensitivity (Fn is a hotkey outside the keyboard matrix)

I want to use a microcontroller, in this case the Teensy++ to take in some code to handle the keyboard matrix, the PS/2 trackpoint signal and output it as a USB HID so it can be plugged into a computer. Searching through the forums, I have not found much information on how to achieve this. So my questions are:

1. Is this possible?
2. Are there any existing code libraries that can handle reading a keyboard matrix and sending the correct keycode via USB? (probably also able to handle ghost keys, pressing multiple keys...)
3. Are there any existing code libraries that can convert the PS/2 signals from the trackpoint (mouse) to USB?

(There are commercial USB Thinkpad keyboards but I am not interested in those)