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Thread: RGB LED controller

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    RGB LED controller

    I have been directed to your site hopefully for some assistance on a project that I have been working on and off for two years!
    I have been using a BLINKM MINM on a project. What I am looking for is a small microcontroller that I can do basic controls with!
    This is where I was directed to you by possibly using a TEENSY 2.0 but only if this is an application that will work!
    Here is the function that I am looking for and it doesn’t need to be the BLINKM MINM can be a single RGB LED!
    (1) dimmable
    (2) pick color
    (3) battery operated
    (4) return to the function that it was set at shut off
    (5) auto turn off time span
    (6) small as possible
    Sorry to bother I am new at this type of programming!
    I have seen other operations by using potentiometers!

    Thank you for your help!
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