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Thread: Teensy3 piggyback board

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    I've built this now, and I'm feeling very pleased with myself, even though I screwed up one thing. I've gon into some tedious detail on my blog because this is the first SMD thing I've ever done:
    I've also put the final Eagle files and a test program at
    Paul's suggestion of adding the capacitor didn't make it in yet and it seems to work okay. But if I plan to add it to the next version.

    The one thing I screwed up was the voltage measurer, which is just a voltage divider feeding into A0 on the Teensy3. I got the resistors the wrong way around so it doesn't give me a useful reading. That was an error during the build rather than the design. So quite a dumb mistake.

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    Congrats on your first SMD board. It's quite satisfactory when that goopymess turns into neat solder pads and even better when the board actually starts working ;-)

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