I posted on this topic before, regarding a Temperature/Humidity sensor I purchased from Adafruit- the AM2315. I have since learned some interesting new things. For one, the problem that I am having appears only on the Teensy 2.0, but not on my Teensy 3.0.

Please see this link: (recent)

and this link: (the original)

for some historical information.

The thing that is killing me here is that the problem appears with the Teensy 2.0 (standard 5V config), but not the 3.0. I am using v1.03 of the Teensyduino IDE.

The fact that the bad data follows changes in humidity makes me think it might be a timing issue. What are the differences between Teensy 2.0 and 3.0 that could account for such a difference?

(btw, Thanks Paul, for your recent reply to my AFI post. I will look at the library and take your suggestion)