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Thread: Audio Visualizer with ws2811

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    Quote Originally Posted by chadder_all View Post
    But now i get a major lag in the Processing screen and also the strip lighting up. i will post some code but can someone tell me why this is happening?
    Not without seeing the code...

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    Completely forgot to post the code! sorry!


    void setup(){
    String portName = "/dev/tty.usbmodem8061";
    myPort = new Serial(this, portName, 57600);
    void draw(){
    if (bassAvg > 100) myPort.write(1);
        else myPort.write(0);

    Arduino IDE:
    void loop() {
     if (Serial.available()) { // If data is available to read,
     val =; // read it and store it in val
     if (val == 1) { // If hit was received
     colorWipe(PINK); // turn the LED on
     } else {
     colorWipe(0); // Otherwise turn it OFF

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    Also... I used the serial library to blink the led on the teensy whenever a 'hit' is registered and it worked fine

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    I have fixed the issue with one line of code:

    if (!leds.busy());

    And now I have a functional visualizer.
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    Good to hear you got it working, upload a video when it starts to look cool.

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    Heres a quick video from my phone:

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