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Thread: wifi cc3000 booster pack and teensy 3.0

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    wifi cc3000 booster pack and teensy 3.0

    Hi there!

    I was just wondering has anyone tried this yet? I was about to start messing around with some sensors and needed a wifi module so I looked this up. Would anyone have any device on how/if the hardware and software is compatible and how they would be connected?


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    I haven't used the CC3000 boosterpack board but I used the Evaluation Module (pretty much the same thing) to port the TI library to Arduino/Teensy 3.0 ( I also designed my own board ( so I'd have a more breadboard-friendly version. So far so good, but I haven't done a huge amount with it yet.

    Two weeks ago AdaFruit released their version of the library ( as well as a breakout board ( which I've tested successfully with a Nano, but not yet with a Teensy 3.0.

    T.I. ships the modules with version 1.10 of the firmware (that's probably what your boosterpack board has) but it has a few bugs. The current firmware is 1.19 but the TI upgrade utility only runs on their MSP430 Launchpad board. AdaFruit's boards have the newest firmware but they haven't published their upgrade code so I don't know if they're upgrading with a MSP430 before shipping, or if they've ported the upgrade and aren't making it public. I'm currently working on porting the upgrade code myself; I'll post it on github once it's ready.

    As far as the connections go -- the CC3000 will use up to 300mA when transmitting and that's more than the Teensy 3.0 can provide so you'll need a separate voltage regulator (I use a LM1117 off the USB +5V pin) but happily both Teensy and CC3000 speak 3.3V logic so no level shifters are needed. The CC3000 needs 6 Teensy IO pins -- 4 for SPI, 1 for notification interrupt, and 1 for power enable.

    Good luck!

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    Cheers for the quick reply!

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    Energia —a fork of Arduino for the LaunchPads— now includes a library for the CC3000.

    Worth paying a visit!

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