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Thread: Teensy 3.0 Camera Tracking?

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    Question Teensy 3.0 Camera Tracking?

    Hi all,

    I am working on a small robot that needs to be able to use an onboard camera to track/detect objects. I found this camera that I think should work:
    This camera has video and picture output, at max resolution of 640x480 and min resolution of 160x120. There is also a pre-written Arduino library for the part, although it doesn't serve the purpose I need.

    I was wondering, how feasible would it be to perform real time motion tracking with the Teensy 3.0? Without a computer along with it? I was worried about memory constraints, but could I use a separate memory chip to store video frames? And the programming would be a pain for me probably, how do you go about doing video tracking using raw code such as in the Arduino IDE?

    I'm new to video processing completely, so any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the sparse info I've provided.

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    This is probably a job for a larger board, like Beaglebone Black.

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    If you can wait, the Pixy looks interesting and it is on kickstarter now -

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    Yeah you see there.. it's got it's own little dsp on there.
    Same with the kinnect camera's dsp.

    Very cool.

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    Using a board like the pixie with a Teensy3 would make a very interesting little system fro robotics.

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