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Thread: Rotary Encoder Buying Help Needed

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    Rotary Encoder Buying Help Needed

    I am looking for help in what I should be looking for in an encoder to use with the Teensy 3, so all encoders will be connected to the digital pins with interrupts. Specific makes and models welcome, but I would appreciate it if people who are actually using the Teensy 3 respond, not people using other versions. I am trying to avoid speculation.

    I have read several posts in this forum. Some people seem to have issues, some don't. This is the best example of success:

    In a nutshell, it appears that the ALPS EC11 works fine when directly soldered to a digital pin. That's the config I would like to use (no additional HW or additional SW solutions), but they seem hard to find and if less expensive ones work, then great.

    About my project
    Board: Teensy 3.0
    Speed: Turn by hand. This will be a button box for a racing sim, so no motors will be turning the encoders.
    Position: I do not need to know which position the encoders are in, just need to know the direction they are turned.
    Shaft Type: Not picky (yet). I'll be using a variety of knobs of different diameters, so I don't care at this time. I'll know more as I try to find knobs and have to adjust as I mix and match.

    1. Bounce - I keep hearing horror stories from people trying to deal with either the noise or from encoders not resting in their detents. Is it overhyped? Was it an issue, but now it's not?
    2. Recommended Resolution - I don't know how a 6 vs 24 clicks feels. Just looking for something that feels "normal". I know that isn't descriptive, but what is the most common that people run? I'll take that as "normal". UPDATE: I think anything between 12 and 24 should do it. Just not sure if there is more of an issue with bounce with the higher resulution (24 vs. 12)
    3. Anything that I should be looking at (or better yet, avoiding)? Like certain features, brands, etc?

    If there is more detail you need, let me know.
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    The ones I used for testing the Encoder library are 24 detents. They seem to work fine. There is some mechanical chatter, but the Encoder library handles it.

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