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Thread: Tutorial Request -Makefile , Non-Arduino Library/IDE programming...

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    Tutorial Request -Makefile , Non-Arduino Library/IDE programming...

    Our university is about to place an order for 10 of your units!

    Thanks for making a great product and I hope in the future that you get a chance to do a step by step makefile pure C code non arduino library tutorial.

    Even pointers on how to go about doing this with some simple steps would be great. Either way awesome product!!!

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    Yes, better documentation is needed on the website for non-Arduino use of Teensy3.

    I'm planning to overhaul my Teensyduino build process at some point, so as I update the software I can automatically build both Teensyduino and a non-Arduino package from the same code base. Realistically, that work isn't likely to happen until sometime next year. Too many other new things as planned in the meantime!

    Even though the path isn't well documented, there is a sample makefile in hardware/teensy/cores/teensy3 within Arduino. It has comments about which directories you need to keep. The rest of Arduino you can simply delete.

    There are also a few 3rd party plugins for popular (not Arduino) IDEs. Here are the links to those projects:


    X-Code (Mac only):

    Visual Studio (Windows only):

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