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Thread: Teensy 3 + Ableton, Analog CC causes midi crash.

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    Teensy 3 + Ableton, Analog CC causes midi crash.


    I'm trying to use my new Teensy 3.0 as a USB MIDI device. It seems to work great for digital inputs, such as the 'Buttons' example.

    However I'm hoping to use it mostly for analog inputs, potentiometers and so on. I've tried a number of different approaches to the code, but the most basic is:

    void setup() {
    void loop() {
       usbMIDI.sendControlChange(1, analogRead(0)>>3, 1);
    I have this set up with a standard potentiometer. When I use this code, or pretty much any other code that uses usbMIDI.sendControlChange(), this works perfectly in Max/MSP. It is stable and I get normal CC readings, all is well.

    However, in Ableton Live this does not work properly. It will work for a few moments (maybe up to 30 seconds maximum) before the MIDI input starts to overload (visualised by the orange flashing box in the upper right hand corner of Live) and eventually the Teensy board stops responding and sending MIDI. Resetting the board gets it working again, with the same result.

    It's very strange to me that the MIDI sending works perfectly in Max/MSP but not in Ableton!

    I have tried a number of approaches - for example, I get the same result even if I use a very high value in the delay() function of the code.

    It seems like someone else had a similar problem:

    Any solutions or ideas?

    using Mac OS 10.8.4, Teensy 3.0, Teensyduino 1.15, Arduino 1.0.5, Ableton 9.0.5
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