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Thread: includes search path for GCC Compiler?

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    Question includes search path for GCC Compiler?

    I am using make utility to compile blinky.c. The file specifies include files.
    #include "usb_debug_only.h"
    #include "print.h"
    I have a copy of these include files in each directory containing a Makefile.
    It works, but there must a way to compile with just one copy in a search path, rather than a copy in each Makefile directory.
    Something like moving a copy of the include files into
    What's the best way to include "usb_debug_only.h" and "print.h" files for make and Teensy 2.0 on Windows 7?

    Thank you.

    Blinky source code:
    The GCC Compiler and Tools Getting Started tutorial
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    Note, that #include "file.h" is meant to be a local file, and #include <file.h> is meant for global files.

    The options for the 4.3.x compiler shipped with the Arduino AVR IDE (and hence Teensy 2.0/2.0++) are at: Mostly the same options are for 4.7.x used for Teensy 3.0:

    In addition there are environment variables that the compiler uses: and
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    You must add an include path directory specification to the the command line sent to the compiler.
    The syntax is : -I {Path to directory containing include files}
    Optional extras to the compiler are usually in a variable called CFLAGS or similar, you add simething like

    CFLAGS = ..... /* heres a lot of other stuff */.... -I /home/nicke/arbete/arduino-1.0.5/hardware/teensy/cores

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    Thanks Micheal and mlu. The blinky Makefile from comes with macro's that insert -I, it worked well.

    Here are the lines from the blinky Makefile
    # List any extra include directories here.
    CPPFLAGS += $(patsubst %,-I%,$(EXTRAINCDIRS))

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