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Thread: OctoWS2812 library and SPI

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    OctoWS2812 library and SPI

    First I would like to thank Paul for an amazing work on the Teensy product line! These things are amazing!
    And this forum is a true gift!

    My question now is if it is possible to use the regular SPI library at the same time as the OctoWS library?
    It is only the Video Sync pin that is the common pin for those, and I will not be using that feature at all.

    I can't really find where in the library code that pin is used... *blush*

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    Pin 12 is only used by the VideoDisplay example, to sync multiple Teensys when you have a very large display. You're right, it's not used by the base library.

    If you're just using the OctoWS2811 library with your own code you can safely use SPI. I'm doing this now to pull fonts & bitmaps off a Flash SPI chip that are then displayed on an OctoWS2811 matrix.

    Good luck!

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    Ah, OK!
    I read the VideoDisplay Example now and saw it! *Facepalm*

    Many thanks for the answer (a very quick one as well!).

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    In designing OctoWS2811, there were 2 groups of 8 pins that could have been used. I picked the set that left the SPI port open, in hopes of someday making a SD card "player" from pre-converted uncompressed raw data files. Whether that will ever be implemented is a good question... but it was and still is something I want to do eventually.

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