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Thread: Options for mounting a Teensy to a PCB?

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    Options for mounting a Teensy to a PCB?

    I'm planning to use a Teensy 3.2 as a part of a PCB-based (i.e., not breadboard) project. The PCB will have other components in addition to the Teensy, and I'll be designing and assembling the PCB myself (Eagle+OSHPark).

    I've designed/built several PCBs and am comfortable with SMT soldering. I've never needed to attach a second PCB to my own, however. I'm wondering if there's a SMT-style way to attach a Teensy to a PCB. I'd prefer this to mounting headers on the Teensy to convert it into a thru-hole component that I'd then need to solder/socket to the PCB.

    Will it work it if I put SMT pads at each Teensy pin location and then solder the Teensy directly to the PCB? If so, do I need to avoid vias underneath the Teensy to prevent possible shorts? Would just biting the bullet soldering headers to the Teensy and sockets to the PCB be the more reliable approach?

    Thanks for any help.

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    This will of course void any warranty, but you can file down the sides of the teensy until only half of the PCB through-holes are left, then use that as a "castellated" connection for PCB-to-PCB mounting like this:

    Reliability of this connection method is poor compared to using a pin header, because thermal cycling will induce lateral "shear" forces to the joints that will weaken them over time. It's still ok for any hobby use IMHO, but I would do some characterization with a thermal chamber (for accelerated "aging") if I wanted to sell such units.

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    Agree that this should be relegated to hobby use. Did this several years ago on a T3.1 mounted with 'castellated' through-holes, and did not make it through a single HALT cycle (did transition for first combination cycle from +35 to -15 at 5Grms).

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    Consider using some low profile headers to space the T3.2 from the board like these:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    There are, of course, surface mount versions and some nice low profile sockets that can also work.

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