Can anyone offer any advice on any libraries out there I can use to implement a multi level menu system for an OLED screen, I would like to use 5 buttons, left, right, up, down and enter for navigation. I've tried googling but have not found anything out there.

If there are not any libraries if there are any projects with source code I can reverse engineer I'd love to find out.

This is the main part of my project and I will build upon the menu once it works smoothly, I will be happy to share my progress as it develops.

So any help would be greatly appreciated so I can get moving on my project, I'm feeling eager to get on with it.

The typical use would be

'=' Top Menu
'==' Sub Menu
'===' Menu item

Menu structure
= Main menu
== Set up
=== Set temp
=== Set time
== Display
=== Show temp
=== Show time