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Thread: Direct Digital Synthesis using PWM and a wavetable (Teensy 3)

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    Direct Digital Synthesis using PWM and a wavetable (Teensy 3)

    Hi everyone

    I'm trying to put together a little synthesizer using PWM as the audio output. I've read about Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) and I sort of understand how it works (I've never tried anything this advanced before), but I'm confused as to how I'd set it up. I'll explain what I understand so far (or what I think I understand!).

    A counter is set up so that it reads duty cycle values from the wavetable
    The duty cycle values need to be fed to the PWM signal
    The wavetable counter timer uses a fixed clock frequency, so to change the frequency the increment value needs to change

    At this stage I just need to be able to enter a frequency value into a variable and have the PWM pin spit out that frequency - I'll worry about MIDI and polyphony later.

    I'm still fairly new to programming - especially microcontroller stuff, so just assume I'm a complete noob. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    This might help?

    You'll probably really like the upcoming audio shield and library!

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