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Thread: New Teensies do not show same info / work with drivers the same

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    [SOLVED} New Teensies do not show same info / work with drivers the same

    I just purchased a new (mini) batch of controllers. I tried the first 2 and neither one show any port. I pulled 2 unopened from an old batch and they both worked fine through loading a program and running as expected. I loaded the latest drivers on a new windows 7 machine and the old and new versions act different from each as well. Only the old ones show the port when I load just the drivers where the other shows as HID only device and does not show any ports.

    So the new ones just show a Human Interface Devices with no manufacturer while the old ones show PJRC.COM, LLC. as manufacturer.

    I am going to try to pull the latest versions of everything and try again. Not sure if there are known changes between hardware versions or actions I should take.

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