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Thread: Arduino, Bluetooth & OSC...Arduino recieving...

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    Arduino, Bluetooth & OSC...Arduino recieving...

    Hi all. I am new to this forum so HI.
    I am an audio systems undergraduate doing my final year at London Metropolitan UNI and have a final project to do.
    I want to build a synthesizer on an Arduino board using the Mozzi library which can be controlled by an Android tablet via bluetooth.
    I am currently using processing for Android and the Ketai bluetooth library.
    The Ketai bluetooth library uses the oscP% library and I am thinking of using that and Arduino OSC to recieve GUI slider/knob button data from Android but I am not sure how to recieve OSC messages using the OSC library. I have some Arduino experience having built a wireless MIDI controller before using NRF24l01 modules but OSC is a harder nut to crack!! Would anyone be able to help me understand how to set up Arduino OSC to recieve data serially (as the bluetooth module is serial) from, say a slider or knob sending out ints or floats ...
    ANY help would be seriously appreciated,

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    Exactly which OSC library do you intend on using on the Arduino ?
    The one that comes with Teensyduino is the OSCuino library form CNMAT.
    How this would work through a serial Bluetooth device I don't know as I use TouchOSC and a WiFi router connected to the Teensy3.
    But it would be interesting to find out!

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