My name is Nelson and I'm from Portugal. This is my first post in this forum.
As a electronics interested guy, I bought a few weeks ago a Teensy 3.0 board, to do some projects.
Unfortunately, in the first time that I connected my Teensy board to my computer using a Micro USB cable, Teensy began to smoke and I didn't had anything connected to it (not even Vcc or GND). I don't know what happened but inspecting the board, I see that Ferrite Bead was burned. I installed the drivers on Windows 7 and on XP, but only what I get is "Unknown device" and I tried many many times in different PCs, using different USB cables.

But when I connect the board only to the Vcc and GND I saw Led blinking (USB not connected). If I connect only to USB, nothing happens as I mentioned earlier.

So my question is, can I program my Teensy without using the USB or there is anything that I can do to save my Teensy board? I ask this because I think that MK20 is working fine.