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Thread: Encoder to stepper project

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    Encoder to stepper project

    Good morning,

    As my username implies im very new to arduino and stepper motor control. Im not sure if im even posting in the correct directory, and please forgive me if this is indeed the case.

    I could use some help/guidance in locating a sketch that will take a/b quadrature encoder signals on the interrupt pins of the arduino uno and relay them to output pins for controlling a bipolar stepper motor (following the encoder) (step and direction) Additionally my motor will have a pulley added, so im wondering how to set the correct pitch (steps to match the encoder? I have read I need to find the actual encoder count to make these adjustments? Is there also a program sketch that will read my encoder steps if I turn it manually per revolution?.. I have been doing a tremendous amount of reading but im currently stuck in limbo with little programming knowledge and my main objective is to just get my project working smiley I will be using a nema 17 motor, a big easy driver from spark fun and tying into the a/b on an existing encoder that im interfacing. I have heard the accel stepper motor library mentioned as well, however im not sure where to find the sketch to achieve the objective.

    All help and direction would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

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    What board do you have ? If you have an Arduino it's best to post in the Arduino forums...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nlecaude View Post
    What board do you have ? If you have an Arduino it's best to post in the Arduino forums...
    I have the arduino uno.. I also posted in the arduino forum with no reply yet.

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    You could at least post a link here to the thread you started over on Arduino's site, and vise-versa.

    If you're using an Uno, this really is best discussed on Arduino's forum.

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