Hi guys,

I'm new to teensy and also electronics (including coding). I've recently purchased a Teensy++ 2.0 and am building a controller which will act as a replacement for keyboard shortcuts (for example, 1 momentary switch will result in Command + T being pushed simultaneously) which will hopefully make using my music production software (Ableton) a bit easier.

I think I've got most of the idea on coding a Teensy for a USB keyboard, but there is one function which I'm not sure whether it is feasible/possible. What I need in this function, is when holding down a button, to have that button keep the command key (for example) activated until I release the button. So when the button is pushed down, command/option/shift/control is held active until the button is released. This is quite vital as I often need to hold down one of these keys whilst clicking and dragging with my mouse.

I will be wanting to run this on a mac (if that makes any difference)

Is this possible with a Teensy? I'm SURE it is, but this is all quite foreign to me so I thought I'd get some clarification/insight from knowledgable people.