New to the forum and have not yet received my Teensy 2, but have a question.

My intention is to use Teensy 2 to prototype a two component display system. A PIC MCU will perform signal processing from several inputs (this working) and then transmit/send to a display and control unit via USB Initial idea was to use Bluetooth, but decided that if I could use a USB cable connection from the processing unit to the display/control unit - it would be simpler.

So to my question
Is there any reason that an OTG USB (can be either host or device) MCU could not be used as a host to transmit fairly low rate data via USB 2.0 to the display unit and in return receive button-depressed signal packets from the display unit (which I intend to use the Teensey 2 for) back to the signal processing unit for control functions?

I do need to bone up on USB protocol and descriptors, but have implemented a crude version previously, but this basically used a chip to convert UART data into USB for transmission. The graphical and display functions would be housed in a small MCU on the display/control board.

Any comments appreciated - I know lots of details to be worked out, but is there any reason the concept would not work?