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Thread: Question about MAME Hooker and Teensy 2.0

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    Cool Question about MAME Hooker and Teensy 2.0

    I have a question... From MH 4.0 documentation:

    Generic Hid Commands:
    ================================================== ================================================== ====================
    [...] This is what the generic hid command is for. All you need is documentation on what data to send and you are good to go.
    Device Number is obviously the number to the device we want as you could have multiple instances of the device hooked up to your machine.
    VendorID and ProductID are the two numbers that tell windows what the device is. You'll find them with your device's spec sheets.
    Byte Length is asking for the length of your report in bytes. Again, this is dependant upon the device and can be found in it's spec sheets.
    The actual data is the numeric value of the data you want to send, with each byte seperated by a ":"

    Please note that if you want to send hex values, which are the standard, please put a "&h" in front of them instead of a "0x" as that is vb's preferred syntax.
    You can use "&h" for the vendor and product id numbers as well.
    generic hid send data
    ghd Device# Vendor# Product# ByteLength# Bytes
    ghd 1 &HA81 &H701 2 0:&h20 - Writes a two byte report (0 and &h20) to the specified device

    The question is: what data would I need to send to Teensy to set or reset any of its outputs?
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    Bump... anyone?

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