I just found the teensy 3.0 and I am very impressed, so that I ordered 2 of them. I found that many functions are improved compared to the standard arduinos, but I wonder if it is possible to have delayMicroseconds for longer periods? It seems that it only works in [0:16383] us which is a little disappointing, since I would need precise intervals of 200us-15s. Is there a clear limitation, why intervals can not be defined to longer than 16.3 ms? On the little atmega328 and others I do understand, but the teensy 3.0 should be able to do better I guess?

Would it be possible to combine different delays, for example first a delay(interval / 1000) and afterwards delayMicroseconds(interval % 1000)? Probably one has to expect significant uncertainty in the duration?

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