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Thread: Using teensy 3 with a PSP 24 bit 480x272 pixels

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    Using teensy 3 with a PSP 24 bit 480x272 pixels

    Hi Paul!

    I am again here, thinking about building a gift for Xmas after my successful MIDI pedalboard project using teensy (with ultrasonic wah-wah lol).

    So, I saw this neat screen at Sparkfun, which is also sold at 20$ on ebay. BUT, at the Sparkfun page they state that a powerful uC must be used because of the dimensions of this display. Ok, I understand that an standard Arduino, running at 8/16 MHz can't simply cope with all that pixels, but how about Teensy 3?
    It's far far away from that crappy specs from normal Arduinos, maybe at 96MHz it's possible to drive that screen?

    Thank you very much Paul, keep that hard work!

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    The Teensy 3.0 only has 16K of SRAM (16,384 bytes). The display is 24 bit (i.e. 8 bits per R, G, and B colors), and would need roughly 400K of SRAM to hold the entire image of the screen in memory (391,680 bytes). So while the Teensy 3.0 has a cycle speed 6 times faster than an AVR (and being 32-bit, it can do in one instruction that the AVR might need several instructions to do), it just does not have the memory to drive the screen. Even the Due with 96K of SRAM just does not have the memory to drive this screen.

    It doesn't even have enough memory to represent the screen as a black/white screen image where each pixel is a single bit.

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