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Thread: output open drain

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    output open drain


    i am reworking code that i wrote for the maple mini (also arm) to work with the teensy.
    what's the equivalent of pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT_OPEN_DRAIN); in the teensy world?

    my led driver needs to receive a pwm in open drain mode.


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    Clear the port's bit in its PORT register, then output the inverted level to the pin's bit in the DDR register. This way when you write a 0 to the DDR register, the pin becomes an input, and thus high-impedance. When you write a 1 to the DDR register, it becomes an output of a low level.

    Example: PB2
    PORTB &= ~(1<<2); // only needs to be done once
    DDRB  |=   1<<2; // pull line low
    DDRB  &= ~(1<<2); // let line float
    There's probably some Arduino equivalent to this. Maybe just using the normal "output a 0 on this pin", then "make this pin an input" and "make this pin an output" functions.

    If you're using hardware-based PWM, then I don't think the above can work, though I've never used PWM on an AVR before. All I'd know to do in that case is put a diode between the pin and the line, with its cathode towards the AVR. This way it lets a low level pull the line low, but blocks a high level from the AVR.

    EDIT: if you're adding an external component, I guess you might as well just use a mosfet instead of a diode, to do it by the book.
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    ok. thanks for the info.
    still trying to find the "arduino" way of doing it.

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