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Thread: Teensy to XBee Adaptor compatibility with the new XBee Wifi modules.

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    Teensy to XBee Adaptor compatibility with the new XBee Wifi modules.


    Has anyone tested one of the new XBee Wifi modules with a Teensy ?

    At the bottom of the XBee Library page is a TODO (>2 years old) about testing these and posting the results...any news ?

    Could you think of anything that would prohibit compatibility with these devices (with or without the PJRC adaptor kit) ?
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    As a long time user of XBee S1's, I've been intrigued by the XBee WiFi. I just did a quick read...
    Lots more current needed to run this, due to WiFi.
    Use 802.11n with WPA, both ad-hoc (peer to peer) and infrastructure (access point or wifi router)
    Supports both UART and SPI interface options. Xbee S1 were UART only and a bit if'y at 115200 due to baud rate error, but I use them reliably.
    Much more sophisticated than XBee S1 802.15.4.
    Uses same concept as S1's for the API mode. Commands/responses differ of course.
    XBee libraries for Arduino et al would not work due to messaging differences.

    XBee WiFi might make sense for an embedded app that REALLY needed high speed and could accommodate the power supply increase.
    IMO, most embedded apps don't need megabit wireless. But this XBee WiFi has its place... maybe the real driver is not speed, but convenience of being able to use existing WiFi access points.

    Note that the Digi Connectport X2 commercial is low cost and is a nice bridge between 802.15.4 and Ethernet. And like the X4's you can program that X2 gateway in python, and you need not use DIgi's iCloud back end.

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