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Thread: Teensy 3 HID + microSD: Extracting files

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    Teensy 3 HID + microSD: Extracting files


    I would like to know if it's possible to use the Teensy 3 as HID and to be able to extract files from PC to microSD (connected to the Teensy device via the PJRC SD Adapter).
    What I'm trying to achieve is a demonstration of a device that is capable to bypass DLP and other protection by using HID and that this will be able to write file from the PC file-system to the MicroSD on the Teensy.
    Anyone tried to do it before?

    when googling i found this site:
    which doesn't help me much... no code or instructions.

    The only thing that I know is that HID output the number that indicates LED keyboard lights to be on/off (CAPS,NUM,SCROLL).
    I figure that using this might help me outout the file binary using the LED number and then convert it back to standard files format on the SD.
    I think this method will be very difficult do and will run very slow (sounds good in theory...).

    Anyone can suggest a better way?

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    I also saw this site:

    but I didn't fully understand how he did it....

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