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Thread: How to connect an external Clock source??

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    How to connect an external Clock source??

    Hi everybody,
    Since I m experiencing problems by drivings servos with my T3 I checked the PWM output from the board with an oscilloscope and understood that the signal is not enough stable to drive the servos (RC Servos). As a result the servos are glitching all the time. Since the reason is the intenal oscillator I decided to use an external clock-source, such as a better quarz or simethign like that. Now, due you konw How should I connect it to the Teensy 3 in order to get a more stable result?

    Thank you an advance and happy new year.

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    I would look elsewhere than the CPU clock oscillator for the cause.

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    I would agree with Steve, something else is probably causing this problem. Pretty much any crystal oscillator is plenty stable enough for RC servo waveform generation. The crystal used on Teensy3 is a really good one, better than the crystal on most official Arduino boards.

    Of course, it's impossible to guess what's really wrong without seeing your work. That's why we have these tech support posting guidelines.

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    Ok, sorry I thought nobody wanted to look into ma huge code to find out the problem. And I wanted to keep "private" my code until it is published under a license.
    Anyway I realize that the problem is the RC reciever from where I m going to read the pulse. THIS is not stable enough.
    The teensy 3 runs perfectly und I found out why my servo are suffering some glitch.

    Anyway thank you very much and happy new year!

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